For me, the most important aspect of being an agent is to be the trusted advisor my clients need. They know that their needs are the only thing of importance in the transaction and that I will always ‘go to the mat’ to protect their interests. My background in corporate marketing, high level negotiating, market analysis and team development is invaluable when navigating through transactions and finding creative solutions when needed.

Horses and the country life are my passion. Marrying that interest with real estate is the spark that ignites my business. I’ve closed hundred of transactions with satisfied clients. I look forward to helping you too!

I work across the entirety of Sonoma County. While most people recognize me as the leader in the Horse and Country Property market segment, this really only comprises about half my business. I started my real estate practice as a strong listing agent, due to my 25 years of experience in sales and marketing. Selling a listing is ALL about marketing!!

However, working with home buyers is also rewarding and uses a completely different skill set– finding just the right home for people is one of the most enjoyable parts of my job. Most new clients are referred by past clients, but the rest invariably find me for the first time via my marketing. So this really is the key to my business.

First time buyers, while often the most time intensive, are also some of the most rewarding projects to work on. There is just nothing like the feeling that you’ve really helped someone achieve home ownership for the first time. And, I am very proud of the fact that not one of my clients has lost their home or been trapped in an ‘exotic’ mortgage in the aftermath of the mortgage meltdown.

For more information on my credentials and a bit about how I work and what I do for my clients, see My Credentials.

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