About Premier Country Estates

In 2003 Lisa created a marketing program called Premier Country Estates and has persistently promoted properties through this vehicle to the point that she is now generally recognized as ‘the horse & country property girl’ by agents and equestrians alike, throughout the North Bay. In 2014 we brought on agents Ashley Samoranski and Tesa Walters to create the Premier Country Estates Team. Our marketing programs incorporate a blend of direct mail, magazine advertising, equestrian event sponsorship, equine charity sponsorship and social media marketing. We have access to entire groups of equestrians actively involved in trail riding, jumping, dressage, cutting, reining, horse rescue, three day evening and other, more general horse sports. Together we offer services for not just horse & country property but all types of residential housing.

Our goal is to be able to help you build wealth, throughout your life, with real estate. From first time buyer services, which is Tesa’s forte, through buying and selling single family homes, investment properties and country estates, we are here to support you in achieving your objectives.

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