Over 70% of Sonoma County is on a well or a septic system, which is a pretty good working definition for country property. Ranging from small parcels of ¼ acre to large ranches, vineyards or farms, country property really is the heart of Sonoma County. However, this is a more complex purchase than buying in an urban subdivision. In addition to checking the condition of the home or other improvements, you’ll also want to consider:

  • Water quality and quantity
  • Septic system design, construction and function
  • Zoning
  • Access, Easements, Encroachments and Restrictions
  • Permit status of improvements
  • Biotic or conservation areas
  • Placement of building envelopes
  • Protection of view shed
  • Lot split or development potential
  • Scenic corridor restrictions

We are experienced in dealing with these issues and can assist you in reducing the risk of purchase via good quality information about the parcel you are considering.