“Know Hoof, No Horse”

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“Know Hoof, No Horse”

The importance of daily hoof care should never be ignored in our overall care of horses. Capable horsemen and women know the true value of a good set of hooves.

Join us this Sunday from 1—4PM for our annual hands-on Hoof Seminar taught by farrier Bonnie Stockton.

We will examine the hoof anatomy and mechanism of how a horse’s hoof works and responds to its environment, use, nutrition and disease.

Come learn how to keep a horse’s hoof really healthy and strong and how to avoid all the pitfalls of poor management that could lame up your horse for years.

Healthy hooves are the foundation for every activity you want to enjoy with your horse. Since a single digit must bear the full proportion of the animal’s weight for each limb, the hoof is of vital importance to the horse. The phrase “no hoof, no horse” underlines just how much the health and strength of the hoof is crucial for horse soundness.

Come learn from one of the best farriers, Bonnie Stockton!

$20 donation is encouraged.  Working regular volunteers are free
PLEASE RSVP – No Walk-ins. 

Call (888) 883-0868
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Please give us your name, and the names of anyone else you may be bringing.  Also your phone number. Class space  is limited to 30 people, so RSVP today!