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Buying or Selling horse property or a ranch is a different ‘animal’ when compared with a typical real estate transaction like buying a house. There are many considerations you have to take into account before making a commitment. Due to its unique challenges, it is considered a special area of property sales by the local North Bay Association of Realtors. A comprehensive training is provided via in-class instruction to all qualified realtors. Lisa Thomas is the lead trainer for this class and brings a wealth of all her experience and knowledge of horses, country property, horse property and ranches to the table.


Ranches for sale in california


A key to engaging with our clients is to share a genuine passion for horses with them. And for Lisa, horses have always been an integral part of who she is and connecting deeply with clients with equestrian leanings comes very natural to her.

We help our clients with private ranches, horse ranches, undeveloped parcels, boarding and training stables and any horse property in general To help buyers and sellers of unique country property, suitable for horses we have provided two complementary articles, to make the process much smoother. You can find the links below:

Horse property in Northern California

What Makes a Good Horse Property?
How We Market Horse Property


northern california ranches for sale


We at premier country estates believe that we have the specialized skill set and best in class marketing programs which can tremendously help our clients to make the best decisions regarding their dream properties. We have clients all over the North Bay area in California. Our capabilities span Sonoma, Mendocino, Napa and Marin counties and we partner with local agents in other areas, if necessary. At our every step, we take it to heart that we bring you the best representation possible and will go the extra mile to far exceed your expectations.

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